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( yeah 'cause no-one will ever feel like this again ) [Aug. 31st, 2008|12:54 pm]
a journal of inspiration


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Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

01. Jon's calling him right after they play.

02. Brendon's really not in the mood for this today.

03. "So you're the one I've heard so much about, darling?"

04. They live on a knife edge, obviously, and that doesn't help.

05. "I'm not asking for an apology."

06. "I can't get my head around the time difference," Paul tells John.

07. Sometimes he thinks of Marian like a heroine, something out of a Bible story or an Ancient Greek epic, a goddess or maybe a saint.

08. Ryan's trying to write but can't, doodling in the margins of his notebook, hearts and scrolls and bats and then Brendon flings himself down beside him, slings one arm over Ryan's shoulders and leans his head against Ryan's.

09. "I love you," he says, and it's not a lie exactly – more a half-truth.

10. She tries staying away, once – tells him she needs to do this, makes him keep her mobile with its jiggery-pokery-enhanced battery just in case and knocks on the door of her mum's flat.

11. So much of what happens between Dakin and Irwin goes unsaid – at least, Dakin doesn't say it to Irwin.

12. Wittenberg is heaven – the sky is bright and the air is crisp and Hamlet answers to nobody but himself and the books.

13. "Don't go," Russell mumbles into the darkness, into the elbow he's caught and used to pull Mark back onto the bed.

14. "Everybody's attracted to me," Sirius says over the rattling of the Express's wheels.

15. The abbey's kitchen is loud, bright, full of laughter.

16. The light falls from the large, high window in a perfect square, its yellow warmth fading out across the garden's neat little lawn until it is completely eaten up by the darkness beyond.

17. The sky is greying as their gondola drifts along the Grand Canal; Antonio lifts his head to regard the heavy clouds and sighs.

18. "Oh, you see, that's all wrong."

19. "Oh, come on."

20. Recently, they seem forever at loggerheads.

21. God knows, they're clever enough for each other.

22. There were lots of excuses, but none of them were really the reason.

23. They forget how alike they are, sometimes, but Russell helps them to remember.

24. He knows as soon as the words leave his lips that he shouldn't have said it.

25. "There is a cycle... things come into being, they live, and they die: I know this – you know it; everyone knows," he says, as Rosencrantz's hand finds his and grasps it tight – "so why are we so scared?"

My analysis:

(!) I always use the third person! Which is weird, because I thought I used the first person at least sometimes. Apparently not.
(") Sometimes speech is my friend, sometimes it isn't.
(£) Sometimes ambiguity is my friend, sometimes it isn't.
($) I tend to start drabbles with longer sentences than I use to start other fics.
(%) First lines that are speech only: 4. First lines in present tense: 20. First lines in past tense: 1. I had no idea it was that biased towards the present tense.
(^) My first lines seem to give a lot away about the characters and relationships in the fic, but not so much about who anyone is or where they are or what's going to happen... All except my Shakespeare fics, which all seem a lot more physical, describing where the characters are and what's going on around them. Weird.
(&) I've pretty much always known this, but... I really don't tend to write about things actually happening. I write about ideas, relationships, characters, atmospheres - nothing really has a plot, as such. I just enjoy describing feelings and ideas too much to trouble myself with events...

This was a really interesting meme, actually. Thanks, speak_me_fair!

[User Picture]From: speak_me_fair
2008-08-31 04:27 pm (UTC)
Heh, you're welcome. I thought I used first person, too, but...apparently not!

It's a good meme *nods*
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[User Picture]From: teenagelogic
2008-08-31 05:28 pm (UTC)
Weird, eh? I think I imagine myself writing things in the first person (and the past tense, for that matter), and then when I actually write them they just end up as third-person-present. All the time. *hands*
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